Sample Daily Routine For Law Of Attraction

It is often said that successful people have successful habits. This means that they have certain routines that they follow every day, which help them to be productive and efficient. While not everyone’s daily routine will look the same, there are definitely some commonalities between them. In this article, we will take a look at some daily sample routines of successful people and see what we can learn from them.

1. Wake up early

One of the most common habits of successful people is that they wake up early. This gives them a head start on the day and allows them to get things done before the rest of the world is even awake. If you want to be successful, try setting your alarm for an earlier time and see how it affects your productivity. The routine of successful people

One of the habits that contribute to the success of athletes, movie stars, and other celebrities is their rigorous daily routine. While we might not all have the same schedule that they do, some of their practices can be useful for everyone. Here are some routines for athletes:

Early to bed, early to rise.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Kobe Bryant is a big believer in this routine. This saying has been turned into a song that goes: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” While athletes might not be sleeping as much as the song says, waking up at the crack of dawn is still a good habit for everyone. It doesn’t have to be for two hours – just get out of bed before everyone else wakes up.

2. Practice patience

Patience is a valuable skill in life, and it’s important that we all strive to get better at it. While there might be times when you want to get things done right away, it’s important to put this reaction aside and think about why you want to do something in the first place. Oftentimes, successful people will put their plans on hold for a while so that they can think about what their motivation is. This helps them come up with the best solution for their problems.

Super slow

If you want to get better at something, it’s important to do it over and over again. Athletes are no different – they train as much as they can so that they can be the best that they can be. While it might be easy to fall behind in life and feel like you aren’t getting anything done, keep in mind that the only way to really get good at something is to practice consistently and with purpose.

3. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get your mind and body working together. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to squeeze in some exercise. Some successful people like to go running every morning, while others prefer to do yoga or weightlifting. Whatever you choose, be sure to make time for it in your routine if you want a more balanced life.

Inner athlete

The most famous Greek Olympian was the runner, Pheidippides. He was only a messenger and not part of the Olympic games, but his journey back from Sparta to Athens after the battle of the Marathon became an international event. Because he was running so hard and fast, he was running out of breath. Fortunately, he found a short break with a temple steeple which gave him more time to get back to Athens. Pheidippides’ story has turned into the modern expression, “When you are running out of breath, there’s always a steeple.”

4. Meditation

Meditation is a practice that many successful people swear by. It gives us the opportunity to sit down and clear our minds so that we can focus on our bigger goals. Successful people may also use it as a way to gain inspiration for what they should be trying to achieve. Once you find your rhythm with meditation, you’ll probably want to continue doing it consistently.

A real winner

First, we have Dr. Steve Wozniak (the original Apple design genius). He has taken the power meditation and claimed it as his secret weapon. He says he meditates for an hour per day, which is highly important to his success. The second example is the captain of the Netherlands Football club, Filippo Inzaghi. He’s a big believer in the value of meditation and has been quoted saying, “‚Ķmeditation helps me to stay calm and relaxed during important matches.”

5. Review your goals

Successful people are always thinking about what’s most important to them and how they can best achieve their goals. When we set a goal, it’s easy to become distracted by the day-to-day pressure of life. However, successful people make time to keep their focus on the big picture and keep things in perspective. Here are some ways that successful people do this:

A psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow created a pyramid structure of human needs that he used to classify the different types of human behavior. In the “hierarchy of needs,” he put self-actualization at the top of the pyramid. Maslow believed that if we don’t create a plan for reaching our true potential, we’ll never be fully satisfied.

At a time when you’re ready to go home, close your eyes and ask yourself why you are even having difficulties getting things done in the first place. This will enable you to identify any weaknesses and make changes that will improve your life.

6. Set goals

Successful people know what they want to achieve, and they set goals accordingly. This helps them to stay focused and motivated. If you’re not sure what your goals should be, start by brainstorming a list of things you’d like to accomplish. Then, narrow it down to a few specific goals that you can realistically achieve in the next six months or years.

A mind is a wonderful tool, but it can also be a terrible enemy if we let it get out of control. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, “What am I passionate about? What would I enjoy doing?” If you’re not sure, just think back to things that you did long ago and loved doing.

7. Be specific

Successful people take action and make decisions about what they want to do every day of their lives. They get up and take control of their lives instead of letting things happen to them. The best way to take control is to make a plan for your day so that you can easily accomplish the goals that you’ve set.

Once you’ve identified what exactly you want to do, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Instead, focus on one goal at a time and break it down into smaller chunks. Once you complete each chunk, move on to another part of your goal until you finish it completely.

8. Minimize distractions

Successful people know that time is a precious commodity and can’t be wasted. Because of this, they stay focused on what’s most important and eliminate distractions that might get in the way. Here are some ways you can do this:

Give yourself a task for each day or week. You can even put an alarm on your phone to remind you of your daily tasks so that you don’t forget something important.

What is your most important task? Whenever you are struggling to get something done, ask yourself if that is really an important task or if it’s a distraction. Sometimes the answer might surprise you, and you will be able to identify the real importance of your tasks.

9. Break tasks into smaller chunks

As we said above, successful people know how to stay focused and motivated by breaking down their goals into smaller chunks that they can accomplish one step at a time. Here are some ways you can do this yourself:

Before you start on a task, ask yourself, “What’s the first thing that I need to do?” and then, “What’s the second thing?” When you break your tasks into smaller chunks, it will be easier to stay focused and get more done.


It’s very important to keep your focus and maintain a healthy mind. Successful people are able to do this by listening to their bodies and knowing how they will feel when they take action. When you listen to yourself, you’ll become more in tune with your needs and desires, which will help you recognize what you want out of life.

Knowing that the ability is already within you is the first step toward achieving your goals. By following these steps, you can unleash the amazing potential that’s inside of you.

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